sexta-feira, fevereiro 10, 2006


It has been few days since the tragic event of the disappearance of our beloved friend Peter from our town. We are convicted that he was seduced to the web of some "not-so-legal" activities, relating possibly with stuff. We believe that he was forced to do such thing, by some naughty terrible and rude mothafocka. We sent this message all over the world in the hope of finding some clue relating to that. Please, the only thing we ask you for is to take your fuckin' ass out of your lazy place and go to the street with the photo and look all over for a day. IS THAT SO HARD ? FOR SUCH A BELOVED BOY ? We advise you to go with a map, some sandwiches, toilet paper, laxatives, next-day pill, hum... and a knife. Please report any clues, stupid facts or rumours to the secretary department of the Saigan embassy, with the number +321990022380. Here are the main Peter caracteristics:
Gender: male
Age: 22
Description: the left ball is bigger than the right, search for a 3cm scar in his right gluteon, has the hability to change his colour and shape.
Height: hum, more a less the usual;
Weight: the sufficient to squeeze a man's arm;
Eyes: in the sides of the nose;
Hair: sometimes tasty, but often oiled;
Race: portuguese;
Dick: strawberry taste at mondays, wednesdays and fridays, lemon taste at tuesdays, thursdays and satardays, garbage taste at sundays;
Occupations: stuff;
Hobbies: likes to show his teenage angst pissing to the sky while singing Crawling.

WARNING: several studies report that going out for a day with 2 sandwiches, a map, toilet paper, laxatives, next day pill and a knife can confer a 2% elevated risc for contracting uterus, breast and rectal cancer.

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Virginia Parker Ranger disse...

I read your appeal and commit myself to make everything what is at my reach with my glorious american fists to find your friend.

God Bless America, and all of you my dear portuguese allies.

With love from USA

Virginia Parker Ranger disse...
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Sali from Uganda disse...

ububucaxa ceniximpro saiti pedro cocororucu

Anónimo disse...

preta esperta

Doug disse...

i saw someone very related in the Royal London Hospital!! he was pretty well i think, he seemed to be working as a doctor! so i guess for u not to worry because he is certainly better than you do. He is, you know, in a top country and in a top hospital...

CuRTeS disse...

Just be aware... he has deadly fards!!!